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What Matters is What Works!

Every day can bring a new wrinkle.  Sometimes, unfortunately it’s right there in the mirror:( but sometimes it comes in the form of a great new way to fight the aging process.  That’s my kind of new wrinkle:) As a baby boomer and a professional esthetician I have a vested interest in staying on top of what works in skin care. Sometimes the tried and true remedies can still deliver.

Knowing how to apply a treatment or looking at nutrition as part of a beauty regimen can improve results.  Recent science has also given us some great new ammunition in the war on aging. If you’re like me, what matters is what works!  That’s why I created Lori’s New Wrinkle.  It’s an unusual name for a site on anti-aging, but fun and easy to remember.

I Have Worked with the Best

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